A new and versatile extraction tool from Hario

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Hario W60 is the new tool for extracting specialty coffee created by the well-known company Hario. combines the classic V60 dripper with a resin mesh filter: it is light, resistant and does not require paper filters. Created by Hario in collaboration with Pete Licata, 2013 world champion barista.

To find out more, visit https://global.hario.com/w60_dripper.html

To get the most out of this type of extraction, use single-origin coffees in particular specialty coffees with lighter filter roasting to maximize the most delicate, fruity and floral scents; in the coffee – specialty coffee section of this online shop, certainly the coffee suitable for tea; to get the best on a sensory level buy coffee beans and grind it at the moment with a manual or electronic coffee grinder, if you do not have it you are interested in this very economical and versatile coffee grinder