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AeroPress is the result of research by American inventor and engineer Alan Adler. Adler understood that the right temperature, total immersion of the coffee powder and rapid filtering were three determining factors for obtaining an optimal coffee from the point of view of aroma and taste. In 2005 he realized this idea by developing AeroPress, an extraction tool characterized by a precise use process and an innovative design.

AeroPress is a completely new way to make filter coffee and to extract aromas and flavors with a level of quality that was previously not possible using traditional extraction systems. With AeroPress you extract a simply delicious coffee.

The secret lies in the total immersion of the coffee powder in the water. This allows for a rich flavor with a low degree of acidity and little bitterness.

Inside the box there are the AeroPress, the scoop, the spatula for mixing, 100 paper filters and the container for storing the filters. (see photo)

To get the most out of this type of extraction, we recommend using single-origin coffees in particular specialty coffees with filter roasting, that is, lighter to enhance the most delicate, fruity and floral scents to the maximum; in the coffee – specialty coffee section of this online shop you will surely find the coffee suitable for tea; to learn more about preparing a coffee with the AeroPress method, follow this link where you will find our recommended recipe and I recommend to get the most out of the sensory level, buy coffee beans and grind it at the moment with a manual or electronic coffee grinder, if not you have we recommend this very economical and versatile coffee grinder (link grinder hario)

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