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You can’t do without a good cup of filter coffee but would you like to experience something different? The E&B Lab Dripper is a very fine metal filter with a conical shape with an angle of 60 ° (like other famous Japanese drippers!) Which in addition to being reusable indefinitely (you will no longer risk running out of filters for your coffee !!) pass many of the oils present in coffee giving a good body to our cups

The very dense texture of the filter, with a filtering power of 35 microns, allows you to use the same recipes that you use with other paper filter drippers and always experiment with new ones by playing with Brew ratio, grinding, temperature, infusion time …

Remember to clean it well and dry it after each use and, if necessary, immerse it in hot water with a coffee cleaner like this and rinse it thoroughly on both sides.

Data sheet

Material: steel

Top diameter: 145 mm

Height: 95mm

Shape: V60 °

Filtration: 35 micron stainless steel woven membrane