Region: Tarrazu
Altitude: 1200 – 1900 m
Farmer: Cooperativa Tarrazu – La Pastora
Varieties: Caturra, Catuaí red and yellow
Process: washed
Taste: pleasant citric acidity, apricot and fruit

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Relive the origin
Coffee was planted in Costa Rica in the late 1700s, and it was the first Central American country to have a fully established coffee industry; in 1820, coffee was an important agricultural export product with great economic significance for the population. In 1933, the national coffee association, Icafe (Instituto del Café de Costa Rica), was founded as an NGO designed to assist the agricultural and commercial development of Costa Rican coffee.

The territory

Tarrazú is the most famous of the coffee-producing regions: its high altitudes contribute to the marked acidity of its coffees. The West Valley has a high percentage of Cup of Excellence-winning coffees and grows an abundance of both Costa Rican-specific varieties: Villa Sarchi and Villa Lobos, as well as some of the more “experimental” varieties that have come here, such as SL-28 and Gesha.

In recent years, coffee producers are increasingly interested in using varietal selection as another way to stand out in the competitive market: SL-28 and Gesha are becoming more and more common, and local varieties such as Villa Sarchi (a dwarf mutation of Bourbon found near the city of Sarchi) and Venesia (a mutation of Caturra).

The Farm

Coop La Pastora was born from Coop Tarrazu RL. The Cooperative was founded in 1960 by 228 small coffee farmers. Today they are one of the famous coffee exporters in Costa Rica. The Cooperative helps its members with credits, technical and agricultural assistance to have better harvests.

The processing

The cherries are harvested manually between the months of September and December, placed in water to select the ripe and unripe ones, then the drupes are removed from the pulp, placed in water for washing and dried, finally the beans are packaged in 69 Grain Pro bags kg.

In the cup

A balanced coffee with a pleasant citric acidity and hints of apricot and fruit all combined with an excellent body.

Single origin recommended for all extraction methods but especially for espresso and mocha.
For a better espresso experience, we recommend following our recipe:
• Water temperature: 94.5°C
• Grams in: 18 g
• Grams out: 30 g
• Pre-infusion: 4 seconds
• Total extraction: 30 seconds

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Additional information

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