Pack of 1000 grams in grains.

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The “top class” Paradiso blend is the flagship of our company. It is composed of a careful selection of coffees, chosen by our expert master roaster to guarantee an excellent extraction and a good body and an evolution of flavors that stimulates the receptors of taste with extreme effectiveness.

DESCRIPTION: Excellent historical blend, a game of flavors of Central American Arabica, has a thick and velvety cream, a rich and round aroma with delicate liqueur notes and an intense and persistent aftertaste given by the precious Indian coffee that makes it unique, inimitable and original like fifty years ago.

SOURCE: Santos brasile Guaxupè fin cup Doulce, India Parchment Kappy Royal, Guatemala Antigua, Colombia Supremo Rio Magdalena 17/18,Costarica San Rafael, Etiopia Washed Sidamo gr.2