SOURCE: American arabica coffee, African and Asian strong coffee.

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When hears about decaffeinated coffee, one gets the impression that it is an altered coffee or, in any case, not comparable to the whole coffee. Mistaken!

If it is a good raw coffee at the start, if it is processed with modern decaffeination technology and if it is properly prepared in the cup, to taste, even a perfect coffee expert would not be able to recognize the difference from Italian espresso.

In our “Sixth Sense” blend, the extraction of caffeine takes place through a very complex process that only uses water as an extraction solvent.

Our decaffeinated coffee is also deprived of much of the wax and therefore will also be much more digestible.

Obviously, “sixth Sense” is almost free of caffeine.

The taste is fine, delicate and pleasant with a soft, light, enveloping and tanned cream.

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Weight 1000 g