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Green coffee is a mixture of the classic and most cultivated varieties of coffee; it’s raw, which means that is not roasted, and for this reason it does not have the characteristic dark brown color, but is green, just like the natural seeds.

The roasting process changes many properties of the seeds; the first difference is the amount of caffeine contained, less than roasted coffee, because the green coffee’s caffeine isn’t free, but linked to chlorogenic acid (a powerful antioxidant) with which it forms the chlorogenate, from which it derives a much slower absorption by the mucous membranes and a much longer residence time in the blood flow.

Another difference is the quantity of polyphenols contained in raw seeds, which is greater than ones contained in roasted coffee, as the roasting process causes a decrease in these active ingredients; the same goes for the vitamins and minerals that result present in greater quantities.

The last difference is the pH, that is the basic acidity value of a food: the unworked green coffee has a pH value of around 5.

For the right dosage it is always better to follow the instructions on the label of the products, however in general for an extract containing 45% of active ingredient and a maximum of 2% of caffeine, the intake of 200 mg about half an hour before the three main meals is sufficient for effective action.

There are 4 main benefits related to the intake of green coffee:

  • fat metabolism
  • blood glucose control
  • antioxidant action
  • anti-inflammatory action

The preference of the drink is placed in women thanks to the slimming effect.
The “fat burning” functions and the decreased absorption of lipids are an excellent adjuvant to lose weight and appreciate results in not too long times, but also associated with a proper and balanced diet integrated with physical activity.

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