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The red sea salt, Alaea Rouge’s original name of Hawaii, is the traditional Hawaiian table salt. The name and the characteristic color terra cotta are due to a red clay of volcanic origin that during the drying to the sun enriches the iron salt, 5 times higher than the normal salt.

The red salt of Hawaii compared to the common white salt that is usually tasteless has a taste similar to the taste of toasted walnuts. In fact, this salt has a bitterish taste that looks like something full of iron. Its use is mainly for traditional Hawaiian dishes such as Kalua Pigem over other dishes of those areas. This singular red salt of Hawaii can be inserted in dishes rich in protein, such as roasted meat, grilled meat, etc. The red salt is very suitable for seasoning anonymous dishes, it manages to give the dish a bit more flavor, excellent for salting the butter with herbs and fresh cheeses. For example mozzarella and tomato, zucchini and potatoes, grilled vegetables can be perfectly seasoned with this wonderful salt.

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Weight 100 g