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The black salt of Hawaii owes its color to the presence of charcoal inside it. The vegetable carbon is present in the natural state at the bottom of the sea and is therefore incorporated into the salt in a completely spontaneous way. It is a substance of volcanic origin that gives salt, besides the typical corvine pigmentation, also purifying and detoxifying properties. Unlike other types of black salt, the salt of Hawaii is not artificially added with activated carbon but is extracted already equipped with this element. Activated charcoal is known for its ability to positively influence digestion processes and for its ability to reduce certain symptoms of intestinal discomfort.

From the gustative point of view the big black salt of Hawaii is characterized by a clean, dry, markedly bitterish taste with smoky hints. Even the red salt of Hawaii has a basically bitter taste but with notes that recall mainly toasted toasted fruit.

The black sea salt of the island of Molokai, Hawaii, worked by the artisans of the islands, is rich in mineral elements of volcanic lava and activated carbon, with detoxifying properties, which are added to the salt at the time of drying. Ideal as a decorative element of great effect, special for the preparation of poultry and grilled meats. It has large, black grains like pitch. The taste of black salt is bitter, dry and sharp in aromas, slightly sulfuric and with smoky notes.

The most suitable combinations for this type of salt are those of meat, fish and vegetables. This dressing is ideal especially on sliced ​​and fillet and, in general, on grilled cooking. In order to maintain its original organoleptic qualities unaltered, it is recommended to add it only to the already cooked food.

The black salt makes any dish more scenographic and appealing. Among the most popular recipes that include the use of this ingredient we can mention the black salt breadsticks. With a little imagination, however, you can indulge in many other preparations. If used instead of traditional cooking salt, it helps to enhance the taste of soups, salads, sauces and pasta sauces.

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